Fashion Stylist – The Emerging Class in the Fashion Industry

Want to change the way you look? Want some trendy clothes for the season? Never seem to know what to buy and what will look good on you? Hire the services of a fashion stylist.Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylist – a word unheard of till recently – is one of the emerging professions in the fashion world globally. Who is a fashion stylist? A fashion stylist as the name suggests, works with fashion trends to create a distinct style for a particular individual. The individual can be anyone from a model or a celebrity to a pressed-for-time business person or just anyone who wishes to create a distinct image of himself or herself.

Tasks such as keeping track of the latest trends in fashion, maintaining a network of contacts, deciding what would look good on people, finding suitable dresses and accessories and either hiring or purchasing them, helping people build a wardrobe as well as dressing up people fall under the purview of a fashion stylists.

Guide for Choosing the Most Appropriate Apparel for Horseback Riding

Riding a horse is a thrilling and exhilarating experience. But before you even imagine yourself astride a horse; it is best that you get a set of apparel made specifically for horseback riding.  Why do you think it is essential? The apparel set is made to protect you while you are riding. It also keeps you comfortable while you are bouncing on the horse’s back. Here are some tips and guides on how to select the right apparel for horseback riding.

1Know that there are particular sets of equestrian apparel. There is also a wide choice but the basics that you need consist of breeches, helmets, jackets, saddles, gloves and hats.

  • With horse riding wear, your focus should be on quality rather than looks. Your protection is more important than being fashionable. Each item that you get should have a safety factor included.
  • The helmet and other riding equipment that you buy should have an ASTM/SEI certification, either on the label or as an insert. This is very important as this is your assurance that the item has been tested and inspected for suitability and quality appropriate for horseback riding. Do not just go for any type of helmet such as those manufactured for other sport activities, including cycling.
  • The type of horse riding wear you get should reflect the occasion. If you are taking your horse to a show, you need a formal type of equestrian apparel. The apparel that you wear should mirror the setting, whether you are going on a leisure ride or riding through a specific weather condition.
  • The boots you get should reflect your riding style, English or Western. Generally, your boots should have a low tread with about a two-inch heel. English riding boots are long, as they are meant to prevent the rider’s legs from chaffing from the saddle leathers. The heels are specifically designed to prevent the feet from sliding out of the stirrups. Cowboy boots are worn by Western riders. The heels of Western boots vary with the boot style.
  • When buying horse riding wear, you should not forget the undergarments if you are a woman and pants. Leather-based pants are ideal because they provide good grip while riding. For English riding, you need jodhpurs or breeches. These are skin-tight pants with a cuff at the bottom that go over the low riding boots.
  • For a woman, the best undergarment is a high impact sports bra. These bras fit tighter although not too tight that they already constrict breathing and movement. Make sure that you try them on. Do a careful inspection of the sports bra. These should not chafe on the seams, the shoulder straps and the armholes. Snaps and hooks, if included, should not chafe as well. It is important that the shoulder straps do not dig into your shoulders and that the elastic band does not move up when you raise your hands above your head. Run in place or jump to test the bra’s support.

While no one will complain if you take a look at what is currently in fashion when it comes to equestrian apparel, the focus is normally placed on the horse instead of you if you are in a show ring. Get the basic wardrobe and build upon it. Townend Direct can help you make the right selection. Unless you are performing, you can wear a T-shirt, a blouse or a work shirt but the other essentials should be worn.

PRPS For High Fashion Premium Denim

PRPS For High Fashion Premium Denim

PRPS is one brand which is developed in New York under the watchful eye of a leading ex-Nike designer known as Donwan Harrell. This project is one of the biggest ones taken on by designer Donwan and includes premium and super premium denim jeans which are manufactured in Japan.

They are extremely popular because of the fact that they are woven on the original 1970s Levi’s denim jeans machinery. Unlike other brands which are manufactured in sweatshops in China, the PRPS brand takes great care and selecting the Cotton, dies as well as the type of machinery and labor utilized to manufacture designer jeans.

Use of Classic Looms by PRPS Denim Jeans

Even though the modern technology used to create efficient looms is easily available, the PRPS brand retains its focus on using the classic looms. The main reason for this is to distinctly identify the unique fabric which is durable, has its authentic flaws and gives a stronger edge to the finished denim product.

The premium range of denim jeans made by Donwan Harrell literally takes on a fanatic and extremist edge due to his focus on the sheer luxury of creating authentic fabric for the range. The tight distribution strategy has resulted in the exclusive availability of the Japan based denim fabric.

Target Market of the PRPS Clothing Brand

Focusing on an eclectic clientele that borders on snobbery when it comes to choosing fashion trends, the PRPS Clothing focuses on those clients who are concerned about the minute aspects of denim like the interior stitching. It is more of a craft that retains the heritage of denim and focuses on the clients who know a perfect heritage fabric and can appreciate the development and insight that goes into its creation. Mostly the denim jeans manufactured by Harrell under the label of PRPS jeans have easy washes and natural flaws which are actually considered the most premium and crucial component of high end super premium denim.

Small Production Runs and Tight Distribution of PRPS

While mass-market jeans are manufactured in China and some premium brands are produced in California, PRPS Clothing manages a leading edge over its competition by manufacturing the products in Japan and keeping a very small production run. Available only in standard men’s sizes, the jeans by the PRPS clothing have become super coveted by high end client’s who prefer top-notch designer wear for everyday use.

Interestingly enough the creation of this high end denim fabric was inspired by those denim outfits which were worn initially by workers across the world. When it transferred as a trend amongst the middle-class, denim was utilized as a leisure wear item by both men and women.

Popularity of Denim with Designers

Eventually it caught the eye of designers like Edwin Jeans and Fred Perry Clothing and this led to the creation of authentic fabrics on classic looms. These are then structured into modern and contemporary cuts and dyed with natural Indigo colour which actually drives the price of the product up. Tailored and structured fitting which is embellished with minimal details has resulted in the popularity of PRPS clothing and the denim jeans manufactured by this brand.

Afterglow Cosmetics – High Fashion Cosmetics With A Natural Spin

Afterglow Cosmetics – High Fashion Cosmetics With A Natural Spin

Combining the very best in natural cosmetics with high fashion trends, Afterglow Cosmetics brings you the most unique blend of cosmetics available. With the best in organic ingredients in highly pigmented, stunning cosmetics to help you look your best. Their unique approach to cosmetics helps you find the very best colors and skin care to help you look better than ever. With no synthetic dyes, fillers, preservatives or other harmful additives, you can feel confident using these all-natural products.

If you’re ready to transform your look, Afterglow Cosmetics has the best in fabulous palettes with the organic infusion you’re after. If you care about your skin, then you care about what goes on it. The all-natural array of products will not only make your skin glow like never before, but it will keep it healthier by not using harmful chemicals. Protect your delicate skin by using products that care. Because their mission is to offer safe and organic products, you can feel secure in turning to them for your skin care needs. You’ll notice problems with your skin starting to vanish simply by using skin care products with no toxins or harsh ingredients.

Whether you want to change your look, or simply find the right products to help you look your best, Afterglow Cosmetics has the best in all-natural cosmetics. With unique pigments and stylish color combinations, you can look trendier than ever while discovering healthier skin. If you’re tired of using products that do more harm than good, it’s time to turn to a company that cares about your skin. From eyes to lips to basic necessities, they can help you find everything you need to transform your make-up kit into an organic masterpiece. It’s time to stop using harmful products and start showing your skin you care.

The LifeInsurance for the Loved Ones

One of the insurances that we need but we can never enjoy the results would be the life insurance. The lifeinsurance is something that we buy and is a huge investment because it will be the investment we left behind for the family and loved ones. If you are the breadwinner of the family, and you left in such a sudden, there will be a big chance that the family would need to change their lifestyles. When the earner is no longer around, then they will have to be able to start earning money somehow and also to make adjustments for their future.

Losing the one that we love is hard enough. Losing the one that we love and have to still be worrying about how to pay the medical bills and also the burial ceremony is not easy. This is why we need the help of lifeinsurance to ease their difficult times. The lifeinsurance will also help to provide them for their future. They would be able to keep the way they leave and do not need to change so much because after all the hardship, the insurance will help to reduce the difficulty by covering for them.

Screen Printing Online with No Minimum Order

Do you want to look different? Why don’t you try to design your own t-shirts so that you only wear something that is so you? Well, this must be a great idea for you with a lot of ideas to share with people. You can design anything you want on the plain t-shirts so that people will see you as the one with different taste. In this case, you can try the screen printing like the Rival screen printing for the best screen printing that you will love so much. Well, what do you need to consider when you are interested in designing your own t-shirts with the screen printing?

Today, you can order the screen printing online so that you do not need to go anywhere but sitting in front of your computer. However, you may find that you have to order with minimum numbers, in this case commonly 25 at least. It means that you cannot just order less than the numbers required. It can be a problem when you do not really that many. In this case, you need to make sure that you order the screen printing to the one with no minimum number so that you can get the t-shirts you want as soon as you get the design. You do not need to collect the designs to meet the minimum required numbers. In this case, the one like the Rival screen printing must be the best place to visit.

Well, we have provided you the recommendation about where to go for the best screen printing online with no required number as the minimum requirement. You can visit the website and get informed first before you order any. Make sure that you read every information given so that you know why this is the recommended one for you.